What a great way to summarize American fundamentalist/evangelicalism: "We are special, and nobody else can be special." That's the thought process that motivates the punitive system to torture souls and punish families for lack of privilege, creating trauma out of poverty and corruption out of the constitution. May we all consider the value of everyone - ourselves and others.

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Most of the mainstream version of the Bible bores me.

I did a lot of editing of metaphysical interpretations of the Bible a few years ago for this website: https://www.truthunity.net/books/unity-bible-lessons

Here are the interpretations of Deuteronomy on the lower half of the page after the conventional version: https://www.truthunity.net/mbi/deut.-4

A friend of mine did a lot of research on the historicity of the Torah at http://qdl.scs-inc.us/?top=5675

PS, I'm fine with polyamory and universal salvation etc. A good site on the latter is https://tentmaker.org/

I have a substack on Acts 15 Church at https://substack.com/profile/98340589-len-kinder

One of my posts there is about the shroud of Turin.

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Reading this made me remember a quote (from John bevere i think) that the reason God gave the promised land to the Israelites was cause of all their work in Egypt, which kinda implies that if they passively resisted and didn't work God had nothing for them just being slaves. It's a "hey damn that's f-d up" thought as you put it.

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